About Us

Meet Me at the Intersection is a young adult online publication in which fantasy collides with reality.  We share short stories centered around loss and recovery, challenge and learning, shame and change.

Here’s the twist.

Our authors tell the same story twice.  Once in non-fiction as themselves.  And once as an entirely fictional alter-ego in an imaginary world.  Visual artists then help bring these stories to life.

Meet Me at the Intersection came about out of a desire to explore how creativity can be used to process and share our most difficult stories.  Life rarely offers resolutions in a tidy box.  How do we create our own imperfect happy endings?  How do we integrate the most jagged pieces of ourselves into the narrative whole?

Sometimes it helps to tap into our inner warrior- be she a princess, a space captain, or a bloodied fox army commander- to create a roadmap of our battles and bruises.

Sound like you?  Head on over to our submissions page for more info.



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